Free Chegg Answers: 7 Ways to Unblur chegg answers for free 2021


Chegg is one of the best online tutor services having over 3 million students and growing. Also, Chegg provides various digital textbooks with all the solved answers. In this article, I’m gonna show you many simple ways and exclusive PremiumInfo trick on how to get Chegg answers for free and unblur answers online in 2021.

Due to this quarantine, every school and college are moving towards the online classes, with that in mind students are now struggling to find answers and that’s where Chegg shines. From a math problem to a chemistry equation, you can get a solution to any subject very easily with Chegg.

The real problem for many students out there is Chegg is basically not a free service, the paid subscription starts anywhere from $6 (trial subscription) and many people just need Chegg for a temporary purpose like the answers for one or a few questions.

That’s why we are providing the methods to unblur Chegg answers and access overall Chegg for free. There are few methods you will see down below to get Chegg premium access for free or find the solution online. If you don’t have that much patience or those methods failed to work, check out our exclusive PremiumInfo Chegg free answers method to get the Chegg answers within minutes.

Why Free Chegg Answers?

Based in California, Chegg is an American education company that has over 4 million subscribers from all over the world.

It helps students with their studies beyond the classroom with great tools, resources, and technology. It specializes in providing its students with physical and digital textbook rentals.

Chegg also gives online tutoring, homework help, scholarships, and internships to its users. It also helps students with a variety of questions for their academic success.

Though you can’t blindly rely on Chegg for all your education-related queries, it still helps you with the study material and answers you require. But there’s also an alternate to this and you can get Chegg answers for free as well.

There are many sites available online that help weak students with solving their problems, assignments, examinations, and school homework. But Chegg works one step extra to get your work done.

You just need to post your question and the online specialist available will assist you with their solution instantly.

So this is how Chegg makes the student’s work much simpler. But being a paid service everyone can’t afford to buy its subscription. Thus the students try to search for the free Chegg answers online.

But don’t worry!

Below we are listing a few methods to help you get the free answers to your problems and you may choose any method feasible to you.

7 Easy Ways to Unblur Chegg Answers Online

Let’s say if we could not be able to find your question or the question link you sent has been broken, you can still be able to get free answers for literally any question on Chegg or Coursehero by using the following methods.

Make sure you tried our exclusive PremiumInfo Free Chegg Answers method before proceeding to the below methods.

1. Unblur chegg answers Using Free Trial

Chegg 4 Week Free Trial method

The official way to get Chegg answers or Chegg textbooks for free. And yes, Chegg offers a trial period for 4 weeks to anyone who signs up, where you can be able to access unlimited questions and answers.

chegg free trial

Benefits of Chegg free trial

  • Step by step solutions to thousands of books
  • Over 25 million questions are explained
  • Ask or upload your own questions
  • Video tutorials for tougher math problems

How to get the Chegg free trial?

  • Just go to this Chegg signup
  • You can either create your account using the email or simply create using your Facebook/Google account.

chegg signup

Now select I am a Student, then select whether you’re studying in Highschool or College, find your school or college (if your school/college is not listed then choose my university is not listed), and finally select the year and hit Create Account.

chegg free subscription
  • Once successfully created your account, tap on your profile, and go to Payment Info, fill up the card details. If you don’t have a credit card, you can simply use any Virtual credit card, and here is the Best Free Virtual Credit Card (VCC) Provider For Verifying Sites if you don’t know how to create a VCC.
  • As soon as you added your card, 4 week trial period will start immediately and note you won’t be charged anything for it.
  • Now you will be able to access all the premium Chegg textbooks with solutions for free. If the trial period ends, simply create another account.

Chegg Answers Reddit

2. Get The Free Chegg Answers on Reddit

  • Open account on reddit
  • Join chegg answers sub reddit’s
  • Ask the chegg answers in that community
  • For more information do follow our article below

Well, if you are only looking for a solution to your homework, let’s say you have a math problem that needs to be solved, then you can ask it in this Chegg Answers Reddit community.

chegg answers on reddit

It’s the best way to get answers for Chegg questions easily and quickly, you can expect a solution on Reddit within 24 hours just like Chegg. Also, you can simply copy and paste the link of the question that you have doubt about on Chegg, to this Reddit community.

Note: Make sure to use Pastebin to paste Chegg links on this Reddit community on creating posts and follow the community rules to avoid banning.

Trust me, this CheggAnswers is a legit way to get Chegg premium answers for free. Also, you can get more advanced tutorials for the problem than the Chegg community members where they simply post the easy solution.

Visit CheggAnswers on Reddit

Advantages of CheggAnswers

  • Chegg, Coursehero, OneClass, Scribd, StudyBlue, StuDocu, BookRags free answers
  • 6000+ members with 100+ active members
  • Faster response than Chegg

3. Get Free Chegg Solutions in Discord Servers

Unlike CheggAnswers Reddit community, Discord offers multiple servers to get Chegg answers for free. It’s just a matter of preference if you used to Reddit then go for it or if you already using Discord for gaming stuff, then these servers might come in handy for your education too.

Discord servers fchegg

And another main advantage is that it has more online members (up to 4000+ active members) compared to the Reddit Chegg community. Also, similar to Chegg these discord servers provides daily tasks, quizzes to improve your education.

You can join multiple servers at the same time and post the questions on each server to get different varieties of answers, pretty cool right. Even the Chegg premium subscription cannot provide this kinda service.

4. Get Free Chegg Premium Account With Study Pack

By using this method, you can get a Chegg premium account username and password details for free. Also, this method is effective and works like charm at least for me.

Well, let’s dive into how actually to do this. You’ll need to have an Android or iPhone to get this method working.

  • And then select which platform (Android/iOS) you’re having right now
chegg premium-account
  • Now click Load Apps, this is the tricky part, you need to install any two apps on the list and use it for 30 seconds (note you need to signup on the installed app before using it for 30 secs if required)
  • Once you have done that, come back to this website and you will be provided with Chegg premium account details. You can use that details to login with Chegg and the premium subscription is already activated

Tip: You can also use this InjectApp website on your mobile device to get Chegg++ premium app on your iOS device. Do note this process includes app installation and surveys.

5. Best Chegg Alternatives to get Free Answers

You can also surf some other websites listed below that will help you to get answers for free. You can search for your queries on these sites and you will get help easily without paying any amount.


You may use the Slader website to get free Chegg answers. Just open the website on your device and on the search bar type your question for which you are seeking the answer.

This question you can either copy from the textbook or it may be your own, you will get an answer to it when you paste it on the search bar on Slader. Here you will also get a few corresponding answers to your questions entered.


There is another website named StudyLib. To use Studylib you first have to open the website on a new browser.

Once the webpage is opened you will be able to see a search bar on the main homepage. On the search bar you can type your desired question and you will get the best possible answers related to the question you searched for. The website is less time consuming and also reliable to choose to solve your queries.

Some other Chegg alternatives

If you still can’t be able to figure out the solution you are looking for then consider checking out these more Chegg alternatives.

6. Searching Your Question in Google and Find Solution

Have you ever tried using a web browser to answer your questions? Google has countless amounts of information – it can help you get solutions to your homework if you use it correctly.

This method is very simple. Just search your question on sites like Google or Bing – if your question is familiar and has already been answered, there’s a high chance the answer will appear among the first results. You will easily get the answer by using Google search correctly, or by checking out the search results and make your answer from them.

7. Join Chegg Communities on Social Media For Free Answers

This is the best way to get answers for free on Chegg. Depending on where you look, there are some networking websites such as QuoraFacebookReddit, etc. that lets people on the same platform create a community to talk to one another more easily.

frequently asked questions about chegg

What is chegg used for?

Chegg sought to not only save students money, but also enhance their learning experiences. Launching Chegg Study®, students could now use Chegg to receive step-by-step homework help on even their toughest solution sets.

Is Chegg safe?

Chegg has a consumer rating of 1.68 stars from 223 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Chegg most frequently mention customer service, credit card and business days problems. Chegg ranks 52nd among Textbooks sites.

How much is chegg a month?

How much is Chegg per month? Chegg Study costs $14.95 per month.

Does chegg have a free trial in 2021?

Does Chegg Have a Free Trial? Chegg offers free trials only from time to time. There are alternative options you can use to test the Chegg services before subscribing.

How can I get a free Chegg account?

Visit the Chegg Study Free Trial Account Page. Now use your Credit card details to sign up for Chegg Free Trial.

Can you cancel chegg after free trial?

Look for Chegg Writing under Subscriptions (on the right side of your screen) and click Cancel subscription. You will still have access to Chegg Writing for the remainder of your free trial/current billing period.

Can you view chegg answers for free?

There are no free ways to see answers! I can recommend you to use some Chegg alternative websites! Chegg can help you out in this situation by providing you with what you need.

Some more information in youtube about chegg answers for free


All the methods mentioned above would get you answers to any question you have from school and help you save money. One last method that was not discussed above is the use of websites that already have a Chegg subscription.

There are various reasons why these websites have them. The biggest of them all is that they want to generate more traffic. However, there is no denying that using them can be helpful. One thing you should note with these websites is that it takes time to get the solutions you want. Regardless of this, they still help you get free Chegg answers without a subscription.

Hope this helps!

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